Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sustainability problems we’re currently facing? The process of becoming a more sustainable society is as complex and interconnected as the world we live in. Navigating the intersection of social, environmental, and economic issues and all their intricacies can become confusing if you think about it too much. But it’s essential to think holistically about all these problems to understand how we can tackle sustainability issues fully. To help digest some of this complexity, we’ve gone ahead and created the Explore your Sustainable Earth tool

The Explore your Sustainable Earth Tool helps make sustainability more accessible by highlighting the many different connections within our society. We did this by breaking sustainability into specific categories that make up the whole system, such as the built environment, biodiversity, water, policy, equity, and more. This new tool links to all of Sustainable Earth’s content, so whether you are interested in reading articles, watching a video, listening to a podcast, playing a game, or taking a course, we have something for every sustainability category. Our goal was to provide an interactive way for educators, businesses, and individuals to explore our content, while also making the complexity of sustainability more accessible.


As an educator, you can use this tool to give your students access to an interactive, virtual space that, through self-discovery, informs them about the connections within sustainability. Ask them, “How does Climate connect to Consumption?” or “How does Energy tie into Food?”. They can spend some time exploring the globe until they find their answers. As sustainability is interdisciplinary in nature, this tool can be applied to any class, from economics to social studies to biology.

If you work for a small business, use this tool to develop a deeper understanding of topics related to sustainability! This can be especially useful if you do any type of sustainability reporting, no matter the scope, to comprehend the impact your business has on the environment. If you want to educate your employees on a specific topic, click that topic on the globe and select ‘business’ in the area of interest filter. On the site you can also find free courses and credentials in areas like GRI & ESG reporting, sustainable supply chains, circularity, and more. Looking into the areas of sustainability your business is related to also affords an opportunity to discover adjacent topics that will strengthen your holistic understanding. 

Even as an eco-curious individual, this tool is a great way to learn about the topics that interest you the most. Curious about how you can integrate sustainability into your diet? Wondering how your clothes are made? By exploring the globe, you can develop a deeper understanding of sustainable lifestyle choices and how the connections between each topic affect you, your communities, and the planet. 
Now, it’s time to go check out this amazing new resource, head over to the tool here!