Sustainability in Higher Education


The purpose of The Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) Sustainability Education program was to provide dynamic, context-sensitive guidance for a diversity of programs. 

This program page provides a transparent record of this work and opportunities to engage. This page also serves as a portal to further resources in the areas of: 

Pathways toward Accreditation Logo

    • Inclusive participation – stakeholder engagement and ways to participate

    • Key Competencies in Sustainability – a Convergence Statement and related scholarship

    • Resources – additional resources on sustainability education organized by stakeholder perspectives: students, faculty and program directors, employers

    • Guidance for Program Evaluation and Pathways towards Accreditation for Sustainability degrees

    • Grounding statements centering the above in the thriving of Earth’s Biosphere and Justice, Equity, and Diversity and Inclusion of humans as part of nature

Provide Feedback on 8 Grounded Areas for Program Evaluation

Are you interested in providing input into an emerging framework for sustainability program evaluation? The GCSE Sustainability Education Community of Practice is for faculty and program directors to network and discuss barriers and best practices for achieving sustainability in the classroom. The Community of Practice provides input on emergent standards for Sustainability Degree programs, in eight Grounded Areas. 

8 Grounded Areas for Transformative Program Evaluation