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What is environmental sustainability? How to stop climate change? Watch short videos for straightforward answers to common sustainability-related questions and gain practical ideas for contributing to a cleaner earth.

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Understand sustainability as we unpack commonly used terms in plain English.

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What future climate scenario do you worry about? Much of the future is unknown, but in these series, we explore how certain circumstances might play out in the future through a number of solutions.

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Watch some informative documentaries from content creators all over the world looking to shed light on different sustainability issues. If your favorite documentary is missing from this list, let us know!

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Garden City

Discover how a nonprofit organization is helping produce food locally to bring growth to urban environments and overcome challenges to climate change.

This short-form documentary is the result of a collaborative effort by students from both the ASU School of Sustainability and the ASU Walter Cronkite School and Journalism and Mass Communication.

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