Tac-Maz’s vision is to achieve a society which is food secure in the face of climate change. With this vision, the enterprise highly includes the ‘leaving no one behind’ by empowering women farmers to be part of the sustainable food production and supply systems in their communities.

Thokozani Chimasula, Founder of Tac-Maz Sustainable Ventures, Malawi

Thokozani Chimasula, 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Sub-Saharan Africa 

Tac-Maz Sustainable Ventures is a social enterprise that seeks to solve food insecurity across Malawi, which predominantly affects women who are marginalized due to high rates of domestic abuse. This enterprise’s mission is to provide different communities with agricultural services and products that are more affordable and of higher quality than what is usually accessible. Behind Tac-Maz stands Chimasulas passion for a more sustainable and equitable country with efforts that support UN SDG 2: Zero Hunger, UN SDG 5: Gender Equality, and UN SDG 13: Climate Action 

Zero Hunger 

Every single year, Malawi falls into food insecurity and has a vast population that is experiencing intense hunger. The goal of Tac-Maz Sustainable Ventures is to provide communities with plentiful access to agricultural products so that women may maximize the productivity of their farms and increase access to food in the surrounding areas. Reaching around 1700 customers every day, large strides are being made toward eliminating starvation and malnutrition. 

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Gender Equality 

The negative social systems emplaced in Malawi are worsened by the effects of climate change and rising complications with food access. Massive violations of human rights consume Malawi and put women in unsafe situations. The support provided to women farmers by Taz-Mac empowers them to grow economically and into a more supportive environment where they have financial security and restored liberties. The enterprise, averaging 2 tons of produce bought from local female farmers a week, has provided 44 women with the ability to construct houses from the proceeds they received. 

Climate Change

Food insecurity in Malawi is heavily influenced by the poor conditions created by climate change, these effects can be devastating and plague the area with natural disasters that can destroy agricultural areas. With agriculture being the country’s primary income source this can be damaging to the livelihood of many people and farmers. The goals of Tac-Maz Sustainable Ventures are to restore food security plans in Malawi and recover land that has been poorly supported. 

“Our business model has involved women at each and every stage from the supply to the production stage. This is the reason why the enterprise promotes and empowers women farmers with skills in sustainable agriculture, access to better markets and funding.”

Thokozani Chimasula