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A Mission to Reclaim, Reuse, and Rebuild

In this episode of The Green Scene, Stardust Building Supplies | Rescuing Materials and Starving Landfills, we sat down with Karen Jayne, CEO at Stardust Building Supplies. Stardust is a Phoenix-based nonprofit that has been making waves in the world of local sustainability. With its innovative approach to diverting usable building materials from landfills, this nonprofit has become a shining example of community involvement and environmental responsibility through an organization.

Founded in 2012, Stardust has made it its mission to tackle the pressing environmental issue of construction, building, and demolition waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, every year, the United States generates an astounding 534 million tons of waste, contributing significantly to landfills and environmental degradation. Karen and her team at Stardust Building Supplies are dedicated to making a difference and transforming this issue into a triumph for sustainability.

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The Impact of Stardust: Numbers That Speak Volumes

Since its beginning, Stardust has achieved remarkable milestones. To date, they have diverted over 80 million pounds of usable building materials from ending up in landfills – a feat that greatly impacts the construction industry in Phoenix and beyond. These materials include appliances, light fixtures, cabinetry, and more, all of which find new life through the foundation’s initiatives. 

At the heart of Stardust lies a deep commitment to serving the local community. Through their efforts, they have managed to cater to the needs of more than 54,000 customers each year, providing them with affordable household materials that are a fraction of the price of traditional retail stores. This not only promotes accessibility to quality materials but also ensures that households can create beautiful homes without breaking the bank or contributing to the pattern of construction waste.

The social and environmental impact of Stardust truly does speak volumes. Through their Gifts in Kind program alone, Stardust distributes a staggering $25 million worth of reusable materials to nonprofit organizations and families in need. With a total of $92 million worth of household items provided to the community, their efforts have transformed houses into homes in the Phoenix area, and they hope to make that impact grow. 

A Unified Vision: Collaboration for Greater Impact

By partnering with local organizations like Treasures 4 Teachers, Arizona Students Recycling Used Technology, and more, Stardust aims to unite like-minded entities to amplify their efforts. On a larger scale, another vital partnership comes in the form of Build Reuse, a nationwide community of organizations dedicated to building material reuse. By sharing knowledge and experience, Build Reuse empowers other organizations to embark on their reuse journey, spreading sustainable practices far and wide. 

The Valley of the Sun Deconstruction/Reuse Work Group (VOSWG) is another invaluable collaborator working with Stardust. They team up with local municipalities to bring about impactful changes in reuse practices and policies. By learning from cities that have cracked the code for deconstruction and reuse, they strive to educate and inspire our communities to make a difference.

You too can join the collaborative effort of reuse! Stardust Building Supplies offer numerous opportunities for the community to get involved, whether you want to volunteer at the reuse center, become a part of the team through their career opportunities, or donate your building materials, your contribution matters. 

The Shining Future of Stardust

On top of all that they currently do, Stardust has set another impactful goal – the creation of their Regional Reuse Center. Projected to be completed within the next four years, this center will become a hub for the community, fostering accessibility for reuse and recycling. By participating in this initiative, individuals and organizations can actively contribute to reducing construction waste and educate each other on the solutions for a sustainable future in construction.

We could go on and on about all Stardust does for its sustainable mission, but instead, we encourage you to tune in to this episode to hear it for yourself. Looking to get involved in these initiatives? Visit to learn more about the organization, find out how you can contribute, and visit a Stardust location near you!