“We believe that our future relies on technology and we want our kids in MENA to be future leaders! The 21th century skills require a new set of skills for kids, so it’s not just about engineering and coding, it’s about teaching the new generation critical thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, problem solving, etc.”

Afnan Ali

Afnan Ali – Founder and General Manager – Eureka Tech Education for Kids

2022 WE Empower Finalist, MENA Region

Afnan Ali, the founder and the general manager of Eureka Tech Academy, is an electrical/communication engineer who received a diploma in social entrepreneurship. Based in Jordan, Ali is the founder and the general manager of Eureka – the first online tech academy for children and youth in the Arab World. In 2018, her enterprise was  selected by MBC, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Harvard Arab Conference as one of the best enterprises in the Arab World. Ali started Eureka because she hopes that it can inspire and prepare “ a new generation of tech entrepreneurs in the MENA region to build Silicon Valley in MENA.”

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Eureka supports the following SDGs -Goal 4: Quality Education; Goal 9: Industry Innovation, and Infrastructure; Goal 10: Reduced Inequality.

Quality Education
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Eureka’s mission is to provide an online academy with a multi-level comprehensive program for kids to prepare them to be tech-entrepreneurs. Since the company started, Eureka has trained more than 5000 students in tech fields and won more than 10 local and international awards. Eureka teaches students (10-18 years) in the MENA region advanced tech topics such as AI, IOT, Robotics, Electronics, and Energy. Eureka’s goal is to “ fill the gap in our educational systems which lacks a curriculum in tech-education and make tech education available for all kids in the MENA region with low prices.” Eureka has 6 tracks that reflect the top ten required fields in tech and each track has a series of courses. Students are tested after each course.

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Reduced Inequalities

As a female entrepreneur and engineer, Ali’s vision is to make tech education accessible to all students in the MENA region by 2030. Specifically, Eureka would like to make grants for public school girls to study coding and AI in order to inspire girls to become tech enterpreneurs. Because this field is male dominated, Ali would like to “inspire and give girls self confidence that they can excel in technology.” Eureka signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education in Jordan to teach tech topics to public school students. So far, Eureka has successfully trained more than 9000 students. 

“I want quality education to be available in all public and private schools and for all refugee kids. In addition , my vision is to empower girls to study engineering, technology and coding.

If we empower girls to be part of the tech revolution.. [the] economy and employment will improve.”

The WE Empower UN SDG Challenge is a first of its kind global competition for women entrepreneurs who are pushing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and leading innovation in sustainability and climate change through their businesses. This Contributing Series highlights finalists of the Challenge whose work demonstrates how business models and social entrepreneurship can drive global impact.