This week on The Green Scene, we’re interviewing Damon Carson, founder and CEO of Repurposed Materials, an “industrial thrift store.” Repurposed Materials operates across the U.S., and its goal is to reuse existing materials from industry–everything from fire hoses and barrels to brand-new products that different companies might not want to use. By acting as a middleman between companies, Repurposed Materials diverts millions of tons of waste from being landfilled. Just in 2022, they’ve diverted over 8.6 million pounds nationwide. This work is ever-pressing as waste figures continue to rise. As of 2018, the EPA calculated around 300 million tons of waste are generated yearly, which is anticipated to rise. 

Reused Cattle Water Trough

From starting a ski resort construction waste company to eventually refining his passion for innovating new uses of waste materials, Damon’s life experiences led him to develop such a revolutionary business. Along with Damon’s story, we explore his perspective on the current state of American waste management. We also had the opportunity to talk about some of the innovative ways people use this “waste”, which just might motivate you to think differently about your waste and consumption habits.

55-gallon Drums into Barrel Train for Kids

Skis Into Chairs

For the educators out there, this podcast might help you dream up some ways to incorporate circularity in the classroom while also showing kids that not all waste is destined for the landfill and that if you’re creative enough, you can create a second life for many things.

For our business-minded people, buying second-hand materials might be one of the most cost-saving measures you can take, especially for tricky situations that force you to think outside of the box. Also, if you’re struggling with inventory of materials and equipment you’re not going to use, Repurposed Materials might be a smart option to get rid of them and save on storage costs. Even internally, it presents an excellent opportunity to rethink what we consider as “waste” and how you might already have what you’re looking for– All it takes is some unconventional thinking and patience. 

Playground Tiles to Stable Flooring
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Old Propane Tank reused to make a Comfortable Park Bench

Listen to Damon Carson on the Green Scene

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