This summer, we launched our Sustainable Earth Small Business Awards (SESBA) and selected 15 winners who showcased outstanding sustainability commitments. Our new podcast, The Green Scene, dives into conversations with SESBA winners about their journey as sustainable business owners.

In our sixth episode, we interviewed our next SESBA winners, Jesse and Cara, from Company Eco. Company Eco is an ethical online retailer based in Red Rock, Arizona. With greenwashing growing rampant, it can be hard to know whether your purchases align with your values or not. That’s where Company Eco steps in: they review every single product on their platform to ensure that it’s high-quality and eco-friendly. 

Jesse Long, Company Eco’s founder, started the business from his home in southwestern Arizona. Since then, he has retrofitted his house with solar panels, running the entire business on renewable energy. For business travel and other polluting activities, he uses carbon offsets to minimize the company’s footprint. 

Running a small business is no simple task, especially if you’re trying to break into the competitive field of online retailing. In this episode, Jesse and Cara share their experiences running a sustainability-oriented small business, from the most rewarding parts to the biggest challenges. We  also hear a great anecdote from Cara, showing us how anyone can practice sustainability, all it takes is time, care, and effort. 

If you want to hear more about Jesse and Cara’s experience founding and running Company Eco, including some retail-specific insights, make sure to listen to the newest episode of The Green Scene.