Black History Month – Consumerism

aja barber author

Aja Barber is a UK writer, stylist, and sustainability consultant whose work highlights the issues associated with privilege, inequalities of wealth, racism, feminism and colonialism.

Black History Month – Environmentalism

Wawa Gatheru

Rhodes Scholar Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru is a Black environmental justice advocate who is shaping the path towards culturally inclusive, community-based environmental solutions

Black History Month

civil rights march MLK jr

To honor Black History Month, Sustainable Earth features Black environmentalists, authors, and organizations, as well as Black history in sustainability to celebrate.

Black History Month – Farmer Micro-grants

farmers market thomas le unsplash

In hopes to positively impact the organic product market and the communities they serve, this micro-grant will provide funding for anything that ensures the farmer’s success, whether it’s tools, consulting, or anything in between.