What is a Sustainable Earth course?

Sustainable Earth courses, provided through a partnership between Wells Fargo and Arizona State University, are free micro-courses for businesses interested in upskilling in sustainable business practices. These courses require your contact information to register and take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. Completion time depends on your learning pace and whether you decide to complete an optional worksheet that provides you with a free micro-credential badge to showcase on your social channels.

 What this course covers:

  • What are critical GHG accounting concepts that relate to project-level accounting?
  • What are the project-level GHG accounting frameworks?
  • What makes for a high-quality GHG project?
  • What are carbon offset credits?
  • Why is there a market for GHG offsets?
  • How are GHG projects and offsets connected to carbon neutrality goals?

What is project-level GHG accounting? 

You can use project-level greenhouse gas accounting to identify emission reduction opportunities, quantify the impact of reduction strategies, and verify the outcomes. This course covers how project-level accounting can help you better understand your emission-reduction efforts within your organization-wide GHG accounting system.

Should I take this course?

We offer our Sustainable Business courses to anyone, no matter their role, who is interested in gaining knowledge and resources on how to conduct business more sustainably. You should take this course if you are a passionate and motivated student, young professional, or mid-career professional in an organization interested in managing and mitigating their project-based GHG emissions.

What can I expect in this course?

The course is 100% online, self-paced, and can be completed at your convenience. It is important to note that the course does not remember your progress. If you start the course but do not complete it in one sitting, you will be prompted to start from the beginning when you return. It would be best if you planned to spend approximately 60-90 minutes on this course as you will engage with a handful of modules, watch videos, read text, and complete optional worksheets.

Those enrolled in the course will have the option to download the micro-credential worksheet at the beginning of the course. Once completed, you will email your completed worksheet to [email protected] to initiate the final micro-credential process.

Ready, set, go!

Now that you know more about the course let’s get started! Visit this link to enroll and start learning about Project-level GHG Accounting: https://asuce.instructure.com/courses/4925

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If you’re looking for more resources, the EPA has created a free GHG reporting guide for small businesses and low emitters. Once you have completed the course and are an expert on GHG inventorying, you can utilize the guide to enhance your reporting tool kit.