Why should anyone care about GHG reporting? 

Comprehensive and detailed greenhouse gas accounting is essential for businesses and organizations as they work towards confronting the impacts of climate change. GHG reporting allows entities to provide data and essential insight into their value chains to discover where exactly emissions are being produced and where they are absorbed.  

There are many reasons for conducting GHG Accounting and Inventorying, the following reasons are the most significant as they allow businesses and organizations to: 

  • Monitor social responsibility goals 
  • Identify waste and cost reduction opportunities 
  • Benchmark against industry 
  • Understand GHG emission markets 
  • Provide information to stakeholders 
  • Participate in GHG reporting programs 
  • Assess liabilities  
  • Prepare for future GHG policies  

Should I take this course? 

Our Sustainable Business courses are for anyone, no matter their role, who is interested in gaining knowledge and resources on how to conduct business more sustainably. You should take this course if you are a curious and striving student, young professional, or a mid-career professional in a small, mid, or even large organization that is interested in how GHG Accounting can help your organization meet its sustainability goals.  

Key Takeaways/What you will learn  

  • What Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting involves and why it matters 
  • GHG accounting framework options 
  • Conducting GHG emission inventories 
  • Emission boundaries for organizations and operational units 
  • Boundaries distinctions and avoiding emissions double counting 

What is a Sustainable Earth course?  

Sustainable Earth courses, provided through a partnership between Wells Fargo and Arizona State University, are online micro-courses for businesses interested in upskilling in sustainable business practices. These courses require your name and email to register, and take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete; plus you can earn a micro-credential badge to showcase on your social channels. 

What can I expect in this course? 

The course is 100% online, is self-paced, and can be started and returned to at your own convenience. It is important to note that the course does not remember your progress, if you start the course but do not complete it in one sitting, you will be prompted to start from the beginning when you return. You should plan to spend approximately 60-90 minutes on this course as you will engage with a handful of modules, watch videos, read text, and complete optional worksheets.  

Those enrolled in the course will have the option to download the micro-credential worksheet at the beginning of the course. Once completed, you will email your completed worksheet to [email protected] to initiate the final micro-credential process. 


Ready, set, go! 

Now, that you know a little bit more about the course, let’s get started! Visit this link to enroll and start learning about the Fundamentals of GHG Accounting: https://sustainable-earth.org/sustainable-business/ 

Are you interested in earning more credentials? Check out our other Sustainable Business courses where you can learn about ESG, GRI, and CDP reporting! 

If you’re looking for more resources, the EPA has created a free GHG reporting guide for small businesses and low emitters. Once you have completed the course and are an expert on GHG inventorying, you can utilize the guide to enhance your reporting tool kit.