Making a significant positive impact on the environment doesn’t always require grandiose actions. In fact, it’s often the small, daily changes that yield the biggest benefits in environmental stewardship. And these seemingly small actions can be taken by anyone whether a consumer, small business owner, or an educator.

That was the topic of conversation in this episode of the Earth911 Podcast. Host Mitch Ratcliffe of the sustainability-focused podcast, spoke with Katelyn Armbruster, one of the directors leading the charge on Sustainable Earth, and Alicia Marseille, interim deputy director of innovation, about some of the misconceptions surrounding environmental practices and ways everyone can contribute to a more sustainable Earth.

“The pressure that large corporations and small businesses are facing are largely from consumers,” said Alicia. “You’re seeing a significant demand among consumers––more so in younger demographics––where there’s a pretty high percentage of consumers who are interested in paying more for sustainable options and, among Gen Z, it’s become an expectation. Some of the challenges smaller companies have is understanding how to operationalize sustainability, what opportunities exist, and understanding how to navigate those challenges and preeminent them, as well as facing some of the perceived myths that come with taking that leap into more sustainable practices.”

 Alicia and Katelyn share some of these common myths and what small businesses can do to start to take steps toward more sustainable practices. To listen to the full episode, click here.