Nadya Panchenko |  Behind the Scenes on Green Film Production

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Navigating the world of sustainability in small business, education, and everyday life? We get it, it’s not easy being green. Sit in on the powerful conversations with the trailblazers who are walking the sustainable walk. Each episode packs inspirational ideas that will drive your passion to create a better world for you and the people […]

S4S: Sustainable Livelihoods Through Innovative Food and Technology


“S4S believes bringing government authorities and grassroots women together is critical to affecting sustainable change.” Nidhi Pant Nidhi Pant – Co-Founder of S4S Technologies – India – 2021 WE Empower Awardee – Asia-Pacific S4S Technologies assists women without land as well as farmers to become entrepreneurs by providing micro food processing units that help them […]