Food Fighter: Connecting Kids to Their Food


Jilliann Feltham’s favorite activity as a first-grade teacher was storytime. It was a time to relax a bit before lunch, get immersed in a far-away world,  and let those little blooming imaginations take over. Except for one problem: the students were distracted. Not the normal kind of distracted that six-year-olds get, but a kind of […]

Teaching Students About Sustainable Agriculture Around the World | Learning Book


Why do we care about sustainable agriculture? Sustainable agriculture is growing crops and livestock in consideration of future needs. This is especially important in a time in which agriculture is taking up around 40% of the land around the world, contributing to 10% of total global greenhouse gases, and a leading cause of deforestation. Learning […]

Winter Gardening

father son gardening cdc unsplash

Gardening at home is a fantastic way to add some fresh and healthy produce into your cooking. It can also help you connect with nature and engage in sustainable practices while providing you that little boost of vitamin D from the sun. Maybe a lush outdoor garden was pretty low on your to-do list this […]