Food Fighter: Connecting Kids to Their Food


Jilliann Feltham’s favorite activity as a first-grade teacher was storytime. It was a time to relax a bit before lunch, get immersed in a far-away world,  and let those little blooming imaginations take over. Except for one problem: the students were distracted. Not the normal kind of distracted that six-year-olds get, but a kind of […]

5 Sustainable Fashion Designers that are Inspiring Change


Purpose-driven creators are taking over the fashion space, innovating the way that fashion is consumed and appreciated. From the use of recycled materials to the treatment of garment workers, the fashion industry has the ability to drive consumer habits and create a space for conscious consumerism to thrive. With more brands and high fashion designers […]

Transform your Closet with These 6 Sustainable Fashion Tips


Key Takeaways: Fast fashion has many negative effects on people and the planet, from unjust worker rights to millions of pounds of clothing waste Fashion is a big area to incorporate sustainability, as we wear clothes every day, and the brands we buy from provide good insight into what we support These sustainable fashion tips […]

The Power in the Paintbrush: Leveraging Art to Inspire Climate Policy and Activism


Key Takeaways: Art is a powerful tool to inspire emotions and invoke empathy, understanding, and connection. A gap exists between young people and decision makers, Turn it Around Cards is a way to help bridge that gap. Art is used as a universal language when communicating a message about climate change and climate policy. Social […]

Exploring Environmental Justice Through the Lens of Biophilia


Environmental injustice is a global problem. Studies suggest that around a quarter of the global population lives in dire conditions in overcrowded, polluted areas. The World Health Organization estimates that 3.5 million people die from water-related diseases a year and more than 90% of the world’s children breathe toxic air every day. Many people live […]

Growing Up: Is Vertical Farming the Future of Food?

Vertical Farming

What’s the deal with our current food system? An article published in United Nations in 2019 showed that by 2050, the world’s population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion people with 68% of the global population being urban dwellers.  Feeding this large amount of people will be a huge challenge. In a very short […]

Teaching Students About Sustainable Agriculture Around the World | Learning Book


Why do we care about sustainable agriculture? Sustainable agriculture is growing crops and livestock in consideration of future needs. This is especially important in a time in which agriculture is taking up around 40% of the land around the world, contributing to 10% of total global greenhouse gases, and a leading cause of deforestation. Learning […]

The Power of Your Plate: Can a Plant-Based Diet Solve the Climate Crisis?


We are consistently eating food. Every day! And if you’re like me, when you aren’t eating it, you’re thinking about it. From health to culture food plays an important role in how we live our lives. Food also plays an important role in our relationship with the planet. We need food to survive, and we […]

Accelerating Environmental Stewardship: An interview with the Earth911 Podcast


Making a significant positive impact on the environment doesn’t always require grandiose actions. In fact, it’s often the small, daily changes that yield the biggest benefits in environmental stewardship. And these seemingly small actions can be taken by anyone whether a consumer, small business owner, or an educator. That was the topic of conversation in […]

Navigating tricky and misleading labels: Downloadable Food Label Guide


Food labels provide important information to you as a consumer and assist in making informed decisions to avoid greenwashed labels. Verified labels are a way to ensure that the product you are choosing to consume was raised in a way that aligns best with your values.  Not all labels are created equal Certain food labels […]

3 Ways to Protect Biodiversity Today

biodiversity cover photo

Created by Dr. Leah Gerber + The Conservation Innovation Lab at ASU So, what does biodiversity mean? Imagine the enormous variety of lifeforms on Earth, every single thing ranging from tiny microbes to giant mammals and ecosystems. At its core, that is what describes the term biodiversity.  Now, consider an ecosystem, a community of living […]

Beyond the bottle: The myths behind tap and bottled water

bob van aubel GJBXXoaDCC4 unsplash 1 1

Expose debunking the myths of tap water.  Key Take-Aways  Drinking home-filtered tap water is just as healthy as drinking bottled water.  Bottled water that says “from community sources” is the same water as tap. Bottling companies put their water through filtration that is accessible and affordable for your own home.  There are three main types […]

Celebrating 6 Environmental Leaders for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


This May, join us in celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Originating in 1990, May was chosen to commemorate and recognize the influence Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders have on U.S. history and culture. Environmental and social activism requires amplifying and supporting Asian Pacific American voices, so we have compiled a […]

I Tried to Live Food Waste-Free for a Week

fridge-reducing-food waste

Did you know? Anywhere between 30-40% of food made for human consumption is wasted.  Food often goes to landfills rather than being sent to a compost facility. Every 100 pounds of food waste sends 8.3 pounds of methane into the atmosphere. If the greenhouse gases that come from food waste in the landfill were a […]

Cheers to Earth Day 2022!

azwbeer 1080x675 1

Join us in celebrating our planet this Earth Day with an event hosted by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Arizona Wilderness Brewery.

Can We Solve the Single-Use Plastic Problem?

single-use plastic

Americans use 3 million plastic bottles per hour. The average American consumes 217 bottles of water per year. This equates to over 50 billion water bottles used in the US alone every year! The majority of these bottles will be used for less than an hour, and will spend hundreds of years sitting in a landfill. We can change this plastic pollution problem by changing our consumption habits and patterns to reduce the plastic use!