“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Since 1976, February has been officially designated as Black History Month. To honor this event Sustainable Earth features Black environmentalists, authors, and organizations, as well as Black history in sustainability to celebrate. During Black History Month the United States pays tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity and blazed the trail for social justice and a more inclusive society. Canada and the United Kingdom now also recognize and celebrate Black History Month, shining light on the sacrifices and innovations throughout Black history.

black lives matter
Notting Hill Carnival, London

For more information about Black History Month, visit https://blackhistorymonth.gov/

Sustainability and Environmental Justice

Sustainability faces many challenges as we fight for change, including greenwashing, but it is so often whitewashed as well. Whitewashing is defined as the tendency for media to be dominated by white people, as well as curated to prioritize white audiences. It is important to remember and celebrate all of the Black innovators and pioneers in sustainability and environmental justice as we continue to create a more Sustainable Earth. From chemist to sociologist, The Green Cities shares the stories of some of the most revolutionary Black environmental activists throughout history. Highlighting inventors like the late George Washington Carver to environmentalists such as Dr. Robert Bullard who are still paving the way for change, we would like to commemorate these Black scholars for making history.

Visit https://www.thegreencities.com for more information about Black history in sustainability and environmental justice.

Black Environmental Organizations

While there are so many incredible organizations hoping to transform the environmental movement into a more diverse community, we would like to highlight two today. Outdoor Afro is one of the nation’s leading environmental networks that aims to celebrate and inspire Black connections and leadership in nature. This non-profit organization works with leadership networks around the United States to connect people through nature experiences and to change the face of conservation. The Center for Diversity & the Environment (CDE) is another environmental organization leading the inclusivity and diversity transformation of the United States environmental movement. By building bridges between communities of color and the environment, the CDE aims to bring together an equitable, inclusive coalition of people to work towards solutions and broaden perspectives of environmental issues.