Women’s History Month is held throughout March every year to commemorate and encourage the study, observance, and celebration of the vital contributions women have made in history, culture, science, and society. According to GreenBiz, businesses have seen a huge reform in gender parity and equality in sustainability. In 2011, only 28% of all chief sustainability officers in the U.S. were women, but this number has jumped to 54% in 2021 (a whopping 94% increase!). This positive development is crucial to the inclusivity and momentum of women’s leadership and the sustainability movement as a whole.

Organizations such as Women in Sustainability are one of the contributors to ensure women’s voices are being heard as change makers and sustainability leaders. By providing access to events, resources, and a powerful peer community, women in sustainability can share their vision for the future, connect with each other, and grow as leaders. 

UN Women is another incredible organization that delivers programs, policies, and standards to uphold women’s rights and ensure that all women live up to their full potential. They share news and stories, resources, and a multitude of ways to get involved to support gender equality and women empowerment around the world. Take the time this month to celebrate and support women to ensure organizations, leaders, change makers, and environmental activists can lead the way to a more sustainable future.