PraveenLata Sansthan & CarversIndia Trades LLP: Providing Community-based Innovative Menstrual Solutions to Indian Women

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“By creating Reusable Cloth Pads, We aim to combat the disposal of sanitary waste pollution associated with disposable products.”  Bharti Singh Chauhan Bharti Singh Chauhan – Founder and CEO – PraveenLata Sansthan & CarversIndia Trades LLP 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Asia-Pacific  Bharti Singh Chauhan is the founder and CEO of PraveenLata Sansthan & CarversIndia Trades […]

MADCash: Lending a Little, Giving a Lot

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Credit is a double-edged sword that brings many opportunities but can be nearly impossible for disadvantaged groups to acquire. Women in Malaysia are particularly restricted, both economically and socially. Aizah Baharin is changing all of that through MADCash by establishing credit and networks for women while funding their businesses.

Etijah: Preparing Future Workers for the Future World


“We believe in empowering people and businesses. We focus on human capital development, personally and/or professionally.” Dina Shabib Dina Shabib – Founder and Managing Director at Etijah Coaching and Consulting – Bahrain 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Middle East and North Africa Dina Shabib founded Etijah Coaching and Consulting to empower pioneers toward a bright future. […]

Eticas Foundation: Catching up to AI


“At Eticas our vision is a world where technology promotes justice and equality, and our mission is to protect people in technology and AI, and at the same time ensure we all have the right to benefit from AI innovation regardless of our gender, skin colour, location or background.” Gemma Galdon-Clavell Gemma Galdon-Clavell – Founder […]

Agrowomen: Adding Great Value to Oilseeds and Cereal in Mali, Africa


“In order to contribute to women’s economic empowerment and food security, Agrowomen will create (direct and indirect) jobs for 1000 women and youth by 2030.” Fily Keita – CEO, Agrowomen – Sub-Saharan Africa 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Sub-Saharan Africa Fily Keita is the founder and CEO of Agrowomen, a Malian cereals and oilseeds processing social […]

Art and Creativity: Essential Components of Sustainability

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Key Takeaways The Intersection of Art, Creativity, and Sustainability: Celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Day For many people, it’s easy to neglect our artistic and creative side as we go about our daily lives. Today, we hope to relight that creative and artistic spark for the sake of sustainability! April 21st is World Creativity and […]

Waste Not | Serving Up Solutions for Zero Hunger and Zero Waste


Navigating the world of sustainability in small business, education, and everyday life? We get it, it’s not easy being green. Sit in on the powerful conversations with the trailblazers who are walking the sustainable walk. Each episode packs inspirational ideas that will drive your passion for creating a better world for you and the people […]

ISSD: A systematic approach to economic development


“I became passionate about innovating, creating new possibilities, encouraging women to develop their skills, make their voices heard and protect their rights no matter what path they have chosen.” Irina Mkrtchyan, Co-founder of ISSD Irina Mkrtchyan, Co-founder of Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities (ISSD), Armenia and 2021 WE Empower Finalist, Middle East and […]

Rede NAMI: Women’s Empowerment through Urban Arts


“Our work aims to promote structural change in society, bringing knowledge through communication so that girls and women know how to fight for their rights and guarantee full access to the best possibilities of being in the world.” Panmela Castro Panmela Castro – Founder and President of Rede NAMI – Brazil 2021 WE Empower Finalist, […]

Street Corner | Fresh vs Convenient, A False Dichotomy?


This summer, we launched our Sustainable Earth Small Business Awards (SESBA) and selected 15 winners who showcased outstanding sustainability commitments. Our new podcast, The Green Scene, dives into conversations with SESBA winners about their journey as sustainable business owners. In our fourth episode of The Green Scene, Street Corner | Making Fresh Food Convenient, we […]

Building our Future: A Case for Saving Biodiversity


Our built environment has a large impact on biodiversity, and current systems threaten to deplete ecosystem services, reduce biodiversity in cities, and create inequitable environmental disservices for urban residents. A sustainable built environment ensures people and nature can share spaces.

Urban Forest Project | Cultivating Stability for an Equitable Community


Urban Forest Project This summer, we launched our Sustainable Earth Small Business Awards (SESBA) and selected 15 winners who showcased outstanding sustainability commitments. Our new podcast, The Green Scene, dives into conversations with SESBA winners about their journey as sustainable business owners.In our third episode of The Green Scene, Urban Forest Project | Cultivating Stability […]

STEM Minds: Lessons on the Classroom


“Now more than ever, youth need to become self-directed, life-long learners. This means we need to alter how we teach and what we teach to unlock their full potential.” – Anu Bidani Anu Bidani – Founder & CEO of STEM Minds – Canada 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Europe, North America & Other Investing in future […]

Eureka Tech Academy: Bringing Quality Tech Learning to Students in the Mena Region


“We believe that our future relies on technology and we want our kids in MENA to be future leaders! The 21th century skills require a new set of skills for kids, so it’s not just about engineering and coding, it’s about teaching the new generation critical thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, problem solving, etc.” Afnan Ali Afnan […]

re:3D INC – Redefining Technology: Bringing affordability and accessibility to all


“We believe in economic empowerment, accessibility, and employment opportunities” Samantha Snabes, co-founder and CEO of re:3D INC, United States of America Samantha Snabes, 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Europe and North America With experience as a volunteer, a firefighter, a NASA employee, and an officer in the Air National Guard, Samantha Snabes is a women entrepreneur […]

Small Business, Big Impacts | Opportunities for Energy Transitions


Key Takeaways  The Just Transition  Small Businesses are saving money and fighting the climate crisis by making simple switches and taking advantage of existing incentives. New technologies, tax credits, affordable infrastructure and green programs are all a part of a new wave that is rewarding the businesses who are paying attention to their emissions and […]

The Power in the Paintbrush: Leveraging Art to Inspire Climate Policy and Activism


Key Takeaways: Reimagining Climate Conversations  At the intersection of art and activism is a powerful space to create meaningful change in the climate movement. Turn It Around Cards is a collective of artists, activists and educators focused on bridging the gap between policymakers and young people in the climate movement through their student-led art collection.  […]