Oorja Development Solutions: Financing and installing decentralized solar energy systems at the farm level


“Our work helps farmers increase crop yields, diversify production, reduce waste and mitigate carbon emissions and creates direct employment at the last mile. These services have the potential for adoption by India’s 30 million diesel-reliant farmers.” Clementine Chambon  Clementine Chambon – Co-founder & CTO – Oorja Development Solutions 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Asia-Pacific  Clementine Chambon […]

Sustainable Earth Energy Guide: Engage Middle and High School Students in Energy Education


Sustainable Earth’s Energy Guide In the education space, we know that teaching students about energy and the environment is essential in shaping their understanding of the world around them. But finding the right resources can be a challenge. That’s why we’re excited to introduce this comprehensive Energy Guide, designed specifically for middle and high school […]

RatedPower: Merging tech and engineering to bring a new name to renewable energy


“Women have other strengths, which can give another type of leadership. My partners and I are aware of the diversity of gender and race. The more different the experiences, the more value each profile brings and the easier it is to innovate.” Andrea Barber, CEO and Co-Founder of RatedPower, Spain Andrea Barber, 2022 WE Empower […]

Developing conservation considerations: 5 steps for siting renewable energy projects right


Key Takeaways  Renewable energy and conservation have similar missions: to protect the climate for healthy people and thriving ecosystems. New renewable energy projects that neglect ecological impact will face financial, reputational, and project cancelation risks. Integrating environmental factors into renewable energy projects can result in a speedy approval process. Starting discussions around conservation impacts early […]

Small Business, Big Impacts | Opportunities for Energy Transitions


Key Takeaways  The Just Transition  Small Businesses are saving money and fighting the climate crisis by making simple switches and taking advantage of existing incentives. New technologies, tax credits, affordable infrastructure and green programs are all a part of a new wave that is rewarding the businesses who are paying attention to their emissions and […]

10 Equity Resources that your Small Business Should Be Using


How do you build a business toolkit to fight social injustice?  Environmental impacts affect people and society, and lack of governance can lead to negative social and environmental consequences. Low-income communities bear a disproportionate burden of environmental and social injustices that stem from historically intended and unintended actions. Small businesses in these communities are not […]

Healthy and Sustainable Certified: WELL and Living Building Challenge Explained

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Healthy and Sustainable Certified: WELL and Living Building Challenge Explained Key Takeaways: The WELL Building Standard and Living Building Challenge (LBC) extend beyond building efficiency and sustainability, taking into account health and well-being. WELL and LBC have expanded certification levels to allow for more points of entry. Many predict the philosophies guiding these two certifications […]

Circularity in 4 Minutes


Sustainable Explainable is a new explainer series that unpacks the commonly used terms in the sustainability world, like Circularity! In this video we introduce Circularity and will dive deeper in upcoming videos.

3 Ways remote working is helping our planet

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As sustainability becomes more and more relevant and essential for employees, companies that want to stay competitive in the search for employees must have strategies and goals that tackle these challenges.

What is Climate Change?


Sustainable Explainable is a new explainer series that unpacks the commonly used terms in the sustainability world. In this video we break down the climate crisis.

Fighting climate change: methane to fishmeal

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In terms of climate change Methane is not really our friend, but maybe it can be fish food? A recent study published in Nature Sustainability suggests that transforming this potent greenhouse gas into protein rich feed for farmed fish is a potential solution to reduce methane emissions and conserve wild fish populations.