Elemental Excelerator: Redesigning Systems at the Root of the Climate Crisis


“Elemental Excelerator is on a mission to redesign the systems at the root of climate change… We understand that technology is only half the solution and that the communities in which these technologies are deployed make up the other half.” Danielle J. Harris Danielle J. Harris – Managing Director – Elemental Excelerator 2022 WE Empower […]

Why Soil is More Important than you Think


Did you know that 87% of life on Earth is sustained by just 39 inches of topsoil? The usable topsoil we have left is rapidly decreasing; over the past 40 years, we have lost 40% of our topsoil. According to the United Nations, we have only enough soil left for approximately 80 to 100 more […]

Project Protocol for GHG Accounting: An Introductory Course


What is a Sustainable Earth course? Sustainable Earth courses, provided through a partnership between Wells Fargo and Arizona State University, are free micro-courses for businesses interested in upskilling in sustainable business practices. These courses require your contact information to register and take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. Completion time depends on your learning pace and […]

The Power in the Paintbrush: Leveraging Art to Inspire Climate Policy and Activism


Key Takeaways: Reimagining Climate Conversations  At the intersection of art and activism is a powerful space to create meaningful change in the climate movement. Turn It Around Cards is a collective of artists, activists and educators focused on bridging the gap between policymakers and young people in the climate movement through their student-led art collection.  […]

Teaching Students About Sustainable Agriculture Around the World | Learning Book


Why do we care about sustainable agriculture? Sustainable agriculture is growing crops and livestock in consideration of future needs. This is especially important in a time in which agriculture is taking up around 40% of the land around the world, contributing to 10% of total global greenhouse gases, and a leading cause of deforestation. Learning […]

Consumer Choices Are Changing, So Should Your Menu: A Case for Plant-Based


Consumer spending on plant-based products has increased by approximately 2.6 billion dollars in just the last two years. Now more than ever, customers are demanding plant-based products, and businesses are having to quickly adapt to accomodate this new and emerging market. But just what is it about going plant-based that is driving consumers and businesses to change so quickly? And why is switching to a plant-based diet important in the first place? To find out, our team spoke to restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and research specialists in food systems around the country to highlight some guidance and recommendations for becoming a part of this emerging market. 

The Power of Your Plate: Can a Plant-Based Diet Solve the Climate Crisis?


We are consistently eating food. Every day! And if you’re like me, when you aren’t eating it, you’re thinking about it. From health to culture food plays an important role in how we live our lives. Food also plays an important role in our relationship with the planet. We need food to survive, and we […]

How to engage and navigate the new sustainable investment frontier: ESG investing


Key Takeaways Investing sustainably is growing in popularity as investors are looking to align their investments with their beliefs and ideals.  There is a minefield of definitions for ESG investing, so it’s critical you decide what you are looking for in your investments.  Read the fine print of whatever fund you want to invest in […]

Cheers to Earth Day 2022!

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Join us in celebrating our planet this Earth Day with an event hosted by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Arizona Wilderness Brewery.

The Plastic Cycle in 6 Minutes


Sustainable Explainable is a new explainer series that unpacks the commonly used terms in the sustainability world, like Circularity! In this video we explore plastic circularity and will dive deeper in upcoming videos.

Can We Solve the Single-Use Plastic Problem?

single-use plastic

Americans use 3 million plastic bottles per hour. The average American consumes 217 bottles of water per year. This equates to over 50 billion water bottles used in the US alone every year! The majority of these bottles will be used for less than an hour, and will spend hundreds of years sitting in a landfill. We can change this plastic pollution problem by changing our consumption habits and patterns to reduce the plastic use!