PraveenLata Sansthan & CarversIndia Trades LLP: Providing Community-based Innovative Menstrual Solutions to Indian Women

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“By creating Reusable Cloth Pads, We aim to combat the disposal of sanitary waste pollution associated with disposable products.”  Bharti Singh Chauhan Bharti Singh Chauhan – Founder and CEO – PraveenLata Sansthan & CarversIndia Trades LLP 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Asia-Pacific  Bharti Singh Chauhan is the founder and CEO of PraveenLata Sansthan & CarversIndia Trades […]

MADCash: Lending a Little, Giving a Lot

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Credit is a double-edged sword that brings many opportunities but can be nearly impossible for disadvantaged groups to acquire. Women in Malaysia are particularly restricted, both economically and socially. Aizah Baharin is changing all of that through MADCash by establishing credit and networks for women while funding their businesses.

R&D Entrepreneurship and Outsourcing Center plc: Redefining Ethiopia 


“I believe all of our work will be able to help create decent jobs for many Ethiopians/Africans without them having to move from place to place. And innovative professionals are the heartbeat of Change and economic equality.” Rachel Boon, Founder of R&D Entrepreneurship and Outsourcing Center plc, Ethiopia Rachel Boon, 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Sub-Saharan […]

Etijah: Preparing Future Workers for the Future World


“We believe in empowering people and businesses. We focus on human capital development, personally and/or professionally.” Dina Shabib Dina Shabib – Founder and Managing Director at Etijah Coaching and Consulting – Bahrain 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Middle East and North Africa Dina Shabib founded Etijah Coaching and Consulting to empower pioneers toward a bright future. […]

SOLVillion: Innovative engineering for affordable access to water sanitation


“As social entrepreneurs, in SOLVillion, we are leading a new economic culture that is inclusive and poverty-free by linking our business activities to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the full realization of this ambitious UN’s sustainable agenda.” Aia Abul-Haj, Co-Founder of SOLVillion, Jordan Aia Abul-Haj, 2022 WeEmpower Finalist, Greater MENA Aia Abul-Haj is […]

Eticas Foundation: Catching up to AI


“At Eticas our vision is a world where technology promotes justice and equality, and our mission is to protect people in technology and AI, and at the same time ensure we all have the right to benefit from AI innovation regardless of our gender, skin colour, location or background.” Gemma Galdon-Clavell Gemma Galdon-Clavell – Founder […]

Elemental Excelerator: Redesigning Systems at the Root of the Climate Crisis


“Elemental Excelerator is on a mission to redesign the systems at the root of climate change… We understand that technology is only half the solution and that the communities in which these technologies are deployed make up the other half.” Danielle J. Harris Danielle J. Harris – Managing Director – Elemental Excelerator 2022 WE Empower […]

The Biz Nation: From Entry Level to Entrepreneur


“We sell online courses focused on education that can help our students change their lives, break their poverty cycle, advance in their professional careers, and generate more income, whether it is finding a better job, finding a job, or creating their own through entrepreneurship.” Karen Carvajalino Karen Carvajalino – Founder of The Biz Nation – […]

EPOSAK Foundation: Transforming Lives Through Sustainable Tourism


“Eposak favors ‘dispersed tourism’ over ‘mass tourism’; respecting destinations’ carrying capacity in order to protect its cultural and natural resources.” Lucía Coll  Lucía Coll – Managing Director – EPOSAK Foundation  2022 WE Empower Finalist, Latin America and the Caribbean At a very young age, Lucia Coll developed an interest in hiking, nature, and climbing. At […]

A Mother’s Care: 360Moms Digital Maternity Support


“We are working toward giving access to health support to all mothers across the world.” Dina Abdul Majeed Dina Abdul Majeed – Founder of 360Moms – Jordan 2022 WE Empower Awardee, Greater Middle East and North Africa Parenting calls on undivided care and investment. Unfortunately, in many countries, it can be difficult to find basic […]

Oorja Development Solutions: Financing and installing decentralized solar energy systems at the farm level


“Our work helps farmers increase crop yields, diversify production, reduce waste and mitigate carbon emissions and creates direct employment at the last mile. These services have the potential for adoption by India’s 30 million diesel-reliant farmers.” Clementine Chambon  Clementine Chambon – Co-founder & CTO – Oorja Development Solutions 2022 WE Empower Finalist, Asia-Pacific  Clementine Chambon […]

Kosmotive: Moving Women’s Reproductive Health Forward


Blandine Umuziranenge – Founder and CEO – Kosmotive “Our vision is to see a world where every girl and every woman has access to reproductive health information and access to sustainable menstrual hygiene products and where every parent has access to maternal and child health information, and access to healthcare services.” Blandine Umuziranenge  2022 WE […]

La Cana: Restoring women with their liberties one knit at a time


“We have created a brand where, through our products, we can make visible the problems of our prisons and tell the stories of these women, generating empathy and social commitment that contribute to reducing stigma and social discrimination towards women deprived of their liberty“  Daniela Ancira, Co-Founder and CEO of La Cana, Mexico Daniela Ancira, […]

Vulcan Coalition: Bridging the Digital Divide for People with Disabilities


“I believe together we can create a world full of opportunities for all people.” Methawee Thatsanasateankit, CEO of Vulcan Coalition Methawee Thatsanasateankit, CEO of Vulcan Coalition, 2021 WE Empower Finalist, Asia-Pacific Drawing inspiration from a friend with a visual impairment, Methawee Thatsanasateankit witnessed the struggle of People with Disabilities (PWDs) to work and be a […]

WITU: Women Building Other Women


“Imagine a world where women and girls have equal access to education, assets such as land, information, and leadership positions. Poverty, violence and war would significantly reduce. We are working towards this world!” Barbara Birungi Mutabazi, Founder of WITU Barbara Birungi Mutabazi, Founder of Women in Technology Uganda (WITU), 2021 WE Empower Finalist Barbara and […]

ISSD: A systematic approach to economic development


“I became passionate about innovating, creating new possibilities, encouraging women to develop their skills, make their voices heard and protect their rights no matter what path they have chosen.” Irina Mkrtchyan, Co-founder of ISSD Irina Mkrtchyan, Co-founder of Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities (ISSD), Armenia and 2021 WE Empower Finalist, Middle East and […]

Roots Studio: Reimagining Cultural Appreciation


“Roots Studio creates 2-way bridges between heritage artists and values-aligned brands in fashion, home, and retail. We are reimagining everyday.” Rebecca Hui, Founder/CEO of Roots Studio Rebecca Hui, Founder/CEO of Roots Studio, 2021 WE Empower Finalist, Europe and North America Rebecca Hui has always had a passion for bridging cultures. This led to the founding […]

Slowing Down Fashion: Sustainable Clothing and Goods with Ethic Attic


“Our goal is to be a one stop place for design conscious products that are sustainable and made with least negative impact on the ecology.” Rema Sivaram Rema Sivaram – Co-Founder of Ethic Attic by Fairkonnect India- 2021 WE Empower Finalist, Asia-Pacific Ethic Attic by Fairkonnect is a Fair Trade organization based in India that […]

MISGIF: Picturing a Sustainable Photo Booth


This summer, we launched our Sustainable Earth Small Business Awards (SESBA) and selected 15 winners who showcased outstanding sustainability commitments. Our new podcast, The Green Scene, dives into conversations with SESBA winners about their journey as sustainable business owners. In our 14th and final episode of 2022 SESBA winners, MISGIF: Picturing a Sustainable Photobooth, we […]

Clean, Safe Mukuru Clean Stoves: An Economic Opportunity for Women


“Our vision is to eradicate household air pollution in Africa by empowering local women business owners to fight energy poverty.” Charlot Magayi Charlot Magayi – Founder of Mukuru Clean Stoves – Kenya – 2021 WE Empower Finalist, Sub-Saharan Africa Mukuru Clean Stoves replace traditional stoves with improved cookstoves that reduce exposure to hazardous air pollutants […]