Stardust Building Supplies | Rescuing Materials and Starving Landfills


Navigating the world of sustainability in small business, education, and everyday life? We get it, it’s not easy being green. Sit in on the powerful conversations with the trailblazers who are walking the sustainable walk. Each episode packs inspirational ideas that will drive your passion for creating a better world for you and the people […]

The Importance of Green Spaces in an Increasingly Gray World


What are green spaces? Green spaces, according to the World Health Organization, are ‘all urban land-covered by vegetation of any kind’. This includes street trees, gardens, parks, landscaping around buildings, sports fields, flowerbeds, ponds, green entryways, green roofs, individual plants, and more. Green spaces provide long-term financial benefits as well as social and environmental gains. […]

Making Every Drop Count: Urban Water Infrastructure in Arizona

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Take a dive into urban water use Do you know where your water comes from? Or what happens to water after it goes down the drain? In urban areas, do you think we will have easy access to water forever? For many people, it’s likely that we go through the motions of everyday life without […]

Designing for the Future: A Holistic Approach to the Built Environment


Next up on The Green Scene, we interview Dr. Braden Allenby, a seasoned engineer, lawyer, and environmentalist who is the director of the Center for Earth Systems Engineering and Management, President’s Professor, and Lincoln Professor of Engineering and Ethics at the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment at Arizona State University. He also […]

What’s the purpose? Finding new ways to reuse industrial materials with Damon Carson

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This week on The Green Scene, we’re interviewing Damon Carson, founder and CEO of Repurposed Materials, an “industrial thrift store.” Repurposed Materials operates across the U.S., and its goal is to reuse existing materials from industry–everything from fire hoses and barrels to brand-new products that different companies might not want to use. By acting as […]

Resilience Developers | Reconstructing How We Renovate


This summer, we launched our Sustainable Earth Small Business Awards (SESBA) and selected 15 winners who showcased outstanding sustainability commitments. Our new podcast, The Green Scene, dives into conversations with SESBA winners about their journey as sustainable business owners. In our eighth episode of The Green Scene, Resilience Developers | Reconstructing How We Renovate, we […]

Hand Over – Sustainable, Community Conscious Construction


“Our aim is to set an alternative for our building activities that will allow us to reduce our carbon emissions, reduce our energy consumption in buildings, improve our indoor air quality and create sustainable solutions that will create a real community development approach.” Radwa Rostom Radwa Rostom – CEO & Founder of Hand Over Projects- […]

Building our Future: A Case for Saving Biodiversity


Our built environment has a large impact on biodiversity, and current systems threaten to deplete ecosystem services, reduce biodiversity in cities, and create inequitable environmental disservices for urban residents. A sustainable built environment ensures people and nature can share spaces.

Small Business, Big Impacts | Opportunities for Energy Transitions


Key Takeaways  The Just Transition  Small Businesses are saving money and fighting the climate crisis by making simple switches and taking advantage of existing incentives. New technologies, tax credits, affordable infrastructure and green programs are all a part of a new wave that is rewarding the businesses who are paying attention to their emissions and […]

Exploring Environmental Justice Through the Lens of Biophilia


Environmental injustice is a global problem. Studies suggest that around a quarter of the global population lives in dire conditions in overcrowded, polluted areas. The World Health Organization estimates that 3.5 million people die from water-related diseases a year and more than 90% of the world’s children breathe toxic air every day. Many people live […]

Demolition vs. Deconstruction: How Shifting to Reuse Impacts the Environment and Economy 


Key Takeaways:  Construction and demolition waste make up approximately 40% of the US waste stream  Buildings account for 40% of the global use of raw materials –– many of which are non-renewable  Reuse of building materials can drive a circular economy and reduce carbon emissions  There are more resources than ever to recycle building materials and […]

Healthy and Sustainable Certified: WELL and Living Building Challenge Explained

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Healthy and Sustainable Certified: WELL and Living Building Challenge Explained Key Takeaways: The WELL Building Standard and Living Building Challenge (LBC) extend beyond building efficiency and sustainability, taking into account health and well-being. WELL and LBC have expanded certification levels to allow for more points of entry. Many predict the philosophies guiding these two certifications […]

What is Sustainability?


Sustainable Explainable is a new explainer series that unpacks the commonly used terms in the sustainability world. In this video we break down what sustainability means.